Mind Whispering navigates a new path to freedom from self-defeating emotional habits. This ground-breaking map of the emotional mind helps us transform our emotions, improve our relationships, and connect us to our inner wisdom.

Tara Bennett-Goleman combines principles and practices from horse whispering with mindfulness and Buddhist psychology, the neuroscience of habit change, and cognitive therapy. This gentle path of awakening offers a new lens on repatterning our emotional habits and everyday ways of being.

Peace starts with our own mind and radiates out to our relationships, communities, and our global family.

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If you struggle with habits of mind that prevent you from being fully alive, this book can free you.Mark Hyman, MD, author of New York Times bestsellers The Blood Sugar Solution and The Ultra Mind Solution
Warmth and wisdom we can completely trust.Richard Gere, actor/activist
Tara Bennett-Goleman’s Mind Whispering furthers the dialogue of psychology east and west. She is truly a pioneer in the integration of cognitive therapy and mindfulness. This book is not only useful for clinicians, but for people in their everyday lives.Dr. Aaron Beck, founder of cognitive therapy
Breathtaking in scope, profound in its message and inspiring in its invitation, Mind Whispering has something for everyone. Tara Bennett-Goleman is a psychotherapist, meditator, student of horse whispering, science synthesizer, and arts practitioner who brings all of these extraordinary modes of knowing to understanding the subtle habits or our mind and how we can flourish. This book is brilliant and will be helpful to all!Richard J. Davidson, neuroscientist, University of Wisconsin
Tara Bennett-Goleman has written a book of exquisite sensitivity and wisdom with a new map to guide. She invites us to cultivate a healing relationship to the deepest aspects of ourselves and the world…Brilliantly synthesizing the ancient wisdom of Asia with the findings of modern psychological science, she offers us a rich and lasting source of nourishment.Mark Williams, University of Oxford



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