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Alchemists sought to transform lead into gold. In the same way, says Tara Bennett-Goleman, we all have the natural ability to turn our moments of confusion or emotional turmoil into insightful clarity.

Emotional Alchemy maps the mind and shows how, according to recent advances in cognitive therapy, most of what troubles us falls into basic emotional patterns, including fear of abandonment, social exclusion (the feeling we don’t belong), and vulnerability (the feeling that some catastrophe will occur). Through the simple practice of mindfulness taught in this book, we can free ourselves of such patterns and replace them with empathy for ourselves and others, as well as the freedom to be more creative and alive.


Based on her best-selling book Emotional Alchemy, this workshop explores Tara’s unique approach to healing emotions, which grew out of her years of meditation practice and work as a psychotherapist, and Daniel’s explorations in his books Emotional Intelligence and Destructive Emotions. Emotional Alchemy blends ancient and contemporary approaches for transforming dysfunctional emotional habits. In this innovative synthesis of neuroscience and Buddhist psychology — combining a new dimension of cognitive therapy with an investigative awareness and a reparative compassion–the Golemans help us explore the many ways we can transform emotional confusion into an insightful clarity, thereby releasing ourselves from powerful habits of reactivity. Mindfulness is an ancient awareness tool which, when integrated with these approaches, enhances their effectiveness and sustains their continuity, leading to a more genuine connection with ourselves and each other. This training can be continued in daily life or applied in one’s professional work; this workshop is helpful for health care professionals or anyone who wants an in-depth experience of this revolutionary approach.


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