But the cherry trees blossom anyway.


In the aftermath of the bombing at the Boston marathon,
I am standing at the barricade…a block away from the explosion site..

Police and news trucks line the streets. A soldier stands guard with a belt of handgranades
Bouquets of flowers surround a small poster that 8 yr old Martin Richard had made in school which reads “No more fighting…”

People in the streets here are less wired to their mobile phones and relating more to each other…. Sharing stories with heavy, but open hearts..

A radio nearby is playing an NPR interview with a guy who is re telling the events of how ‘ there were people after the bomb exploded who risked their own safety to help others and marathoners who ran on to the hospital to donate blood’

He goes on to say, ‘Perhaps these people can serve as a model to inspire us to do more kind things for each other in our everyday lives…’

When our worlds are shaken
We take refuge in each other and in the force of kindness…
It’s a gray day here in Boston but the cherry trees blossom anyway….


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