Our interconnectedness operates at every level from the neural on up. When we are connected, we feel seen, heard, respected and cared for, with a sense of trust and belonging.

A mindful attention lets us track signs of disconnection where reactivity and distorted perceptions lead to misunderstandings. We’re far more likely to work through our differences if we connect to a shared secure mode of empathy, insight, and compassion.

In any relationship—from inner, to interpersonal, to global—if we engage from what disconnects us, we’re far less likely to work through our differences. Peace begins within, then radiates out to our families, friends, and communities to create a greater sense of interconnection at every level.

To bring more peace in our world we can start by connecting more genuinely within ourselves, integrating fragmented patterns that create the illusion of separateness into a more integrated sense of interconnectedness.

We will explore inner, interpersonal, community, inter-species, and environmental dimensions of connectedness. Now more than ever we need to work to resolve our differences by acknowledging a shared attunement that facilitates empathy while not insisting the other agree with us. We can turn toward compassion as our default mode.

Teacher Bios

Tara Bennett-Goleman leads Chemistry of Connection workshops with the following teachers:

Daniel Goleman, a psychologist and science journalist, best-known for his book Emotional Intelligence, shares scientific findings from social neuroscience on the empathy and relationships.

RJ “Bob” Sadowski, Jr. is a professional horseman who draws on his method of HorseMindShip™ with his horses to demonstrate principles of horse whispering, offering a powerful model to build secure connections.

Aaron Wolf is a water resource scientist at Oregon State University and a trained mediator who directs the Program in Water Conflict Management and Transformation, sharing methods for conflict transformation.

About the Horses

Star is a great teacher of horses and humans. In the world of horse development, Star is at the level of Ph.D. in Emotional Fitness, Communication and Horse/Rider Partnership. He will be demonstrating a deep mental connection with trust, respect and communication.

Red Cloud is a highly sought after confidence builder and emotional rehabilitation expert for humans. His participation will lead and inspire us to follow our passion for self improvement and relationship building.


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